Small space but BIG need for storage? The Container Store has you covered. The video shows you options to maximize how you store, even with minimal room.

Who doesn’t love ice cream!?! Save your wrist when scooping your favorite flavor with this handy-dandy ice cream scoop. Using a thermal core, the heat from your hand transfers to the scoop so the ice cream warms just enough to scoop easily. The Container Store has the coolest kitchen tools.

The secret to getting the perfect ribbon on your box? The Container Store will show you how – and I’ll tell you how. This series of How to wrap packages and tie bows was a fun one to voice. Follow along and learn how to make all your presents look beautiful.

This has to be the SAFEST candle lighter out there.  No flame. No butane. You just charge the device through a USB port and it’s ready to go! The Container Store has fun stocking stuffers and gifts year round.

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Got a great domain name? Awesome! Now it’s time to create that website. GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder and GoCentral Online Store makes it easy to build the site that gets you what you need. This is one of the educational videos I’ve voiced for GoDaddy.

A GoDaddy GoCentral online store could make commerce on your website a LOT easier. But how do you get started? This video I voiced for GoDaddy will get you started and take you step by step through the process.

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VPS hosting – ever heard of it? A To website's files, data and all the hidder stuff must reside on a hosting server if it’s going to show up on the Internet. I found out while voicing this video that VPS is one of several types of hosting technologies.

If you’re using Microsoft Office 365 through GoDaddy and need help setting it up, this is the video for you! Watch this video and learn how to set up your GoDaddy Office 365 email account in the Microsoft Outlook 2016 email client.

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This was a fun campaign and rebranding I helped Eastern Michigan University with. The "Be true to yourself" TV and Radio campaign relates to adults of all walks of life and encourages prospective students to learn more about Eastern.

Eastern Michigan University’s "Be true to yourself" TV and Radio campaign focused on transfer students and how they can seamlessly get plugged into EMU. Be true to yourself and put your education first.

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LaunchAbility has been showing the world that people with disabilities want and can contribute to the workforce… and they’ve been sharing that message for more than 30 years now. The result of a little extra patience and time will not only land an employer a dedicated employee, but your team will be inspired and benefit.


Everyone wants young energized skin… that happens when you have youthful skin cells… and that happems when you active cellular communication. Watch this video about ASEA's RENU Advanced and learn the key for having healthy, beautiful skin.

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The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund exists to provide education assistance and college scholarships to the families who lost love ones in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, as well as for families impacted by loss in rescue activities relating to those attacks. Efforts are ongoing and you can support a family in need by going to


The United Way has been doing great work since 1887. Today, United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States supports health and human service programs that adhere to their ideals of diversity and inclusion. Their initiatives cover health, education and financial stability – the building blocks of a good quality of life.

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World renowned fashion designers are helping seriously ill children dress confidently. Starlight Children's Foundation has been helping kids for 25 years and is spotlighted by CauseWire for their good work. Find out more at

Dignity for the homeless… that’s the focus of Lava Mae. Their innovative offerings provide the homeless community in San Francisco opportunities to bathe and care for themselves.

Operation Underground Railroad frees children from human trafficking. The organization founded by former Homeland Security agent, Tim Ballard, acknowledges July 30th as World Day Against Trafficking of Persons. Help kids live better lives, show your support.

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Moms in the Making, a faith-based fertility support group that exists to support and encourage women on their journey to becoming a mom by sharing the hope and truth of God’s Word. At their annual conference, the "Renew Her" was given to a woman who has had setbacks and her faith tested time and again.

Go to for more information about the ministry, the conference, a support group near you.

Data Centers for Dummies – we’re talking major security. And power. Most Data Centers are powered with enough electricity to run over 20,000 homes! This was a fun one to voice and eye opening to learn about. Pretty much if you use the internet, a data center is at work. You’re welcome.