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Feature in VoyageDallas

VoyageDallas Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas - Meet Melanie Murphy of Melanie Murphy Voice Overs


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Winning Business Today – Guest of Winn Fuqua

On Winning Business Today we visit with iconic voice over artist Melanie Murphy. Melanie shares her insights on connecting with clients, how being friendly is helpful and the importance of ABN (always be networking). For a deep dive into a voice over professional watch the entire episode. 


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Melanie Murphy Voice Overs - Why and How to Use Voice Talent - Guest on OffBeat Business Show with Susan Hamilton

Professional voice talent brings a level of professionalism to audio and video for your consumer, and additionally to phone trees and processes that help your team and prospects clearly understand exactly how to proceed. Listen to Melanie Murphy, Professional Voice Talent, explain how to use voice to support your strong, influential brand.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Professional Voice Talent for Your Project - Article written for Warfare Marketing

You’ve built a killer explainer video and now you’re about to hire a Professional Voice Talent for your project. But wait, there are alternatives that will save you money and build up cool points with your audience… or is that really the right move!?!

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Your Brand Has a Voice – Guest on OffBeat Business Show with Susan Hamilton

On this episode of OffBeat Business TV, Susan Hamilton talks with Melanie Murphy about how to have an effective, professional introduction to your brand through voice. Elevate your brand above the rest when you take a detailed approach to branding in every area of your business.

Featured BGNInsider: Melanie Murphy the Voice Over Artist

Catching up with Voice Over Artist and BGNInsider, Melanie Murphy. My first question was, what in the world is a voice over artist? Just kidding, as a Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist, we utilize animated videos with Voice Over all the time. But seriously, you can hear Melanie’s sweet voice on popular radio advertisements, corporate phone systems and even a DART train in the video!